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Palestra do Prof. Anthony Finkelstein

Professor da University College of London (UCL) ministra palestra no CIn-UFPE na segunda-feira (22) Início: 22/07/2013 às 10:00 Término: 22/07/2013 às 12:00 Local: Auditório do CIn

 Palestrante:  Prof.  Anthony Finkelstein, University College London, Reino Unido
Local: Auditório do CIN 
Dia:  22/7 (Segunda-Feira)
Horário:  10h
Título: The Next 10 Years: the shape of software to come and what it means for software engineering
Resumo: Software engineering provides the method, tools and processes to support the development of complex software systems. As a discipline it must necessarily respond and adapt to the types of system that people want to build and the business context in which software development takes place. We have already seen major changes away from monolithic, custom-built systems to much more highly componentised distributed systems incorporating software packages, glue code and scripting. These changes have been paralleled by changes in the software business with outsourced development and community sourced middleware. In this talk I examine the next set of transformations in the software business, some already evident, such as ‘apps’ and ‘cloud’ infrastructure, as well as some more speculative developments. I consider their implications for software engineering research and practice. We will pay particular attention to developments in technologies related to data management and interoperability.
Short Bio: Ele é o atual Dean (Diretor) da Faculty of Engineering Science do UCL - University College London, na Inglaterra. Para mais detalhes, visite: http://www0.cs.ucl.ac.uk/staff/A.Finkelstein/
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