The Computer Center

Centro de Informática: Entrepreneurship and Innovation for Over 40 years

The Centro de Informática da UFPE (CIn-UFPE) is one of the most well known centers in Brazil aas well as in Latin America. The majority of the country’s most qualified workforce in Information Technology (IT) comes from here.

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Undergraduate Course

The Undergraduate Program of the Centro de Informática (CIn) at UFPE, counts with three courses, namely: Computer Science, Computer Engineering and Information Systems. CIn is one of the largest and most important centers for informatics in Latin America. In Brazil, it ranks amongst the top five academic centers.


Research is the core of the development of any technology. At CIn-UFPE, doing research entails producing scientific knowledge, but it also necessarily means producing results that improve people’s work performances and/or their lives in general. In other words, the research we carry out is always aligned with the frantic reality of today’s world.

Cooperation, innovation and entrepreneurship

To continually foment new ideas. To articulate creative solutions that effectively solve problems found in the daily routine of organizations. To act as an interface among the university, the government, market and society in general.


UFPE - Centro de Informática (CIn)

Av. Jornalista Aníbal Fernandes, s/n,
Cidade Universitária (Campus Recife),
CEP: 50.740-560 - Recife - PE